Lucy Jeanette La Faive

Lucy motivates, inspires & encourages! She makes it fun!

Lucy has been working with individuals, groups and speaking for 28 years. She has over 30 years of training including a masters degree in counseling. She has studied many different disciplines from thought theory, energy, breathing, stress management, movement therapy, sound therapy, visualization, meditation and more.

As a stress reduction specialist, Lucy knows hundreds of techniques and ideas to reduce stress. She offers fun and interesting ways of learning tools and concepts that can and will improve the quality of your life. She emphasizes integrating mind, body and spirit and the importance of balancing these three for health and well-being.

Lucy is a Certified Wellness Speaker (CWS). She presents at the National Wellness Institute’s annual conference. The conference draws attendees from around the country and the world. Presentations at the National Wellness Conference represent the very best of emerging ideas, practices and trends in wellness.